(Englischsprachiger Vortrag) – Considering the current climate crisis and that the food system is the largest individual contributing sector to global greenhouse gas emissions (approx. 25%), the transformation of agriculture to ensure food security for a fast-growing global population while simultaneously having a net positive impact on our environment is arguably the most pressing challenge of the modern era.

Bayer is committed to being a global partner in the transformation of agriculture towards regenerative practices as it works towards its vision of Health for All, Hunger for None. In this keynote, we will explore Bayer’s perspective and strategic priorities on the topic of regenerative agriculture as well as the outcome of Bayer’s “Farmer’s Voice Survey”.

While the industry can develop new technologies, it is ultimately the growers that implement them in the field. Understanding the needs of the farmer and the environments in which they operate it the most important aspect to translate our strategy into impact on the ground.

In our biggest survey of modern agriculture to date, what farmers said was both surprising and inspiring to us all. The Farmer Voice survey is the response of 800 farmers in 8 different countries.